Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing on your mobile device has never been easier and can improve your customers buying experience while simultaneously providing your business with more robust features and functions then every before. Certain credit card processing application now integrate a customer database with real-time updates and inventory information, customer purchases, preferences, notes and marketing campaigns (via text or email) to offer customers coupons, newsletters and promotions all with the press of a button and included with your mobile merchant account. For more information about credit card processing, please complete the form below so that a merchant service representative can contact you today to discuss your specific interests and needs.

Our process is simple, once we help identify your specific businesses needs and preferences we recommend a mobile credit card processing application or can help integrate credit card processing into your own mobile app with our designers. Once approved, you will receive a mobile credit card reader for card-present transaction that can be housed within your new nCLOSE enclosure along with your tablet (Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2) and within 24 hours you are ready to go. Credit card processing has never been easier as now you can utilize your Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as a retail or mobile credit card point of sale (POS) system, or depending on the software it can be used in conjunction with a cash drawer, printer or even together with your existing POS system. For more details please contact an nCLOSE representative.