About Us

nCLOSE manufactures custom Point of Sale (POS) protective enclosures to house and protect tablets and mobile credit card readers.  nCLOSE for Apple iPad or nCLOSE for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, helps consumers and business owners protect their tablet in any environment.  The nCLOSE enclosure for Apple iPad or nCLOSE for Samsung Galaxy Tab has the optional credit card module attachment that can hold a variety of mobile credit card readers on the market including: RoamData, Magtek, IDTech, Anywhere Commerce, VeriFone Audio secure, PayPal Here, Square, Intuit GoPayment and more. nCLOSE credit card module can be attached in either the landscape or portrait position, assisting users with software specific dependencies to keep the credit card reader on the right hand side of the nCLOSE enclosure.  Rest assured that your Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is in the exact same place you left it, when you turned your back to help a customer.

Combine the nCLOSE for Apple iPad or nCLOSE for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with the nCLOSE custom mount and you have the most diverse tablet POS enclosure on the market.  The nCLOSE mount will rotate 360 ͦ  laterally, 180 ͦ  vertically (from one side of the counter to the other for a customer signature) and 90 ͦ  screen rotation.  Plus the nCLOSE quick release features offers merchants the flexibility to quickly and easily use their nCLOSE enclosure in a traditional brick and mortar retail business or take it with them for deliveries, trade shows and more with the press of a button.

nCLOSE Apple iPad / Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet enclosure is perfect for accepting payments in any environment (restaurant, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, outdoors, vehicles, etc.) with inexpensive setup and support costs; eliminating annual support and software fees incurred with traditional POS systems. nCLOSEs’ tablet enclosure can be used as a stand-alone, kiosk, pay-at-the-table, portable POS system or in conjunction with traditional POS systems. Utilizing tablet software provides merchants with inventory control, real-time updates and the ability to capture valuable customer information for marketing, resulting in increased revenue.